Cleaning after repair

Our company has done a lot of cleaning work after the construction and repair of various types and complexity. We carried out work on the delivery of commercial premises, kindergartens, schools, as well as apartments and cottages.

Order cleaning after construction and repair in our company, and you will save yourself from many problems and troubles.


Postconstruction cleaning is a difficult and troublesome business, so it should be approached with great responsibility. Very often, builders leave behind not just rubbish, but also an eposable grout, damage to the floor, chips, and so on, which are not visible under the layer of construction dust, only after the dirt is removed, all the flaws become visible, therefore order cleaning after construction and repair and only after it finally pay off with the builders, otherwise then you will have to finish the shortcomings for your extra money. In connection with the above, the cost of cleaning after construction can always be accurately estimated only after inspection of the room.


General types of work when performing post-construction cleaning:

  • Garbage removal (soft packaging material, household and office equipment packaging)
  • Dry and wet cleaning of ceilings and walls, removal of local pollution
  • Washing floors and baseboards using special tools to remove paint, glue, cement, etc.
  • Dry and wet cleaning of outlets and switches with removing paint, glue and other contaminants (outside)
  • Dry and wet cleaning of indoor (located in the house) air conditioning units
  • Dry and wet cleaning of eaves and blinds
  • Dry and wet cleaning of the mezzanine
  • Wet and dry cleaning of door blocks
  • Unpacking and washing pipes and radiators with removing paint, cement, and other contaminants (outside).

Windows (estimated separately) from 40 UAH /m2:

  • Wash glazing, frames, slopes, removal of stickers, rough and specific dirt.

Furniture and office equipment:

  • Removing packaging, wet and dry cleaning org. technology.


  • Wet and dry cleaning of lighting devices (except for finely composed chandeliers and compositions, is priced separately).

from 60 UAH / m2