Current cleaning

Daily cleaning of apartments 35 sq. m 500 UAH.

In order to maintain a permanent order in your apartment, it is not always necessary to expend a lot of effort and personal time, especially if it is already too little. Order the cleaning of an apartment, cottage or commercial premises in our cleaning company, and we guarantee the perfect cleanliness for the lowest price. Our specialists, armed with professional equipment and high-quality preparations of German chemistry Kiehl, will quickly perform the following procedures, depending on the customer’s desire:

  • supportive, or daily cleaning;
  • general cleaning of the room;
  • after-construction cleaning of apartments, cottages and commercial premises;

In the process, we will use only high quality professional products that do not provoke allergic reactions among residents. We work only with reliable specialists: the staff is professional, qualified in the field of cleaning. We will bring in perfect condition any apartment, cottage, and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result of our work.

in rooms:

  • sweeping /vacuuming /washing the floor;
  • wipe the dust on accessible surfaces of the table, sill, shelves;

in bath:

  • my sweetheart /bath /toilet /washbasin /mirror /floor;

in the kitchen:

  • wipe the table, window sill, worktop, facades and kitchen apron, wash the sink;
  • sweep /wash the floor;
  • take out the garbage up to 5 kg;

from 500 UAH