Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

Dry-cleaner of upholstered furniture from 300 UAH

Upholstered furniture is an essential attribute of everyday comfort: there are cozy armchairs and sofa corners in almost any apartment. We sleep on them, watch TV, play with our beloved dog and even have lunch. It is not surprising that with such intensive use, the furniture quickly acquires an unpleasant appearance: spots appear on the upholstery, the once bright surface becomes salty and tarnish.

And here the owners often make a big mistake – they try to clean the furniture themselves, using low-grade tools that not only do not remove dirt, but also leave untidy divorces on sofas and upholstered chairs. Exit dry cleaning will help to avoid double pollution – a convenient service of our company.

A set of dry cleaning procedures includes the following:

  • Upholstery cleaning with the help of special tools (selection of chemicals is carried out taking into account the characteristics of the material from which the upholstery is made);
  • Removing stains and unpleasant odors after spilling urine, spirits and other things on the sofa (special tools and fragrant fragrances are used here);
  • Washing the furniture with an extractor-vacuum cleaner where dirt is removed after a total cleaning;

We will be able to dry-clean the sofa and remove stains of any origin, even from a ballpoint pen or old fat. We also restore the brightness of the upholstery color and eliminate the consequences of failed attempts to remove stains.

Our specialists also carry out dry cleaning of chairs, namely, their soft seats. Owners of offices in large corporate buildings, hotels and restaurants are advised to order dry cleaning of chairs in the lobby several times a year.

Dry cleaning of carpet price from 60 UAH /m2

A popular floor covering – carpet – is widely used in the decoration of residential, work premises and public institutions. It is easy to care for him, he is not too easily soiled and pleasant to the touch. However, any material, even the most practical, needs global cleaning in order to bring it into a neat look and refresh it. Therefore, the general dry cleaning of carpet is necessary at least once every six months.

Why do it so often?

Each building material has its drawbacks, the carpet, it is his nap. Dirt gradually accumulates in the pile of the carpet where it is constantly being walked, and due to the fact that the dirt lies at the bottom, the length of the pile is reduced. In this regard, the upper part of the pile is worn out faster and the so-called “tracks” appear. If you do not do dry cleaning at least once every six months, it will be impossible to remove the “tracks” and you will have to throw out the carpet.

Due to the fact that the material is attached to the surface with the help of special glue and baseboards, it will not be able to be taken and dry-cleaned. Therefore, it is for you that we have organized a carpet cleaning service at your address. Professional workers who have undergone training go to the site with special equipment and necessary cleaning products that will not harm the coating.

We will remove stains of various origin from carpet:

  • traces of dirty shoes,
  • gouging and color fading;
  • traces of fatty foods;
  • stains from spilled sweet and alcoholic beverages;
  • animal excrement;
  • the result of improper cleaning of amateurs – soap spots and stains;

Above all, dry cleaning of carpeting is necessary as a preventive measure, as over the months of operation, it accumulates a large amount of dust and bacteria harmful to respiration.

Cleaning steps:
  • elimination of persistent stains with special means (in case of stubborn dirt, a rotary disc machine will help, using hard brushes to clean stains from carpet);
  • final washing and drying with professional equipment;
  • fragrance flavoring in the case of the purchase of unpleasant odors by carpet;

The cost of dry cleaning varies from 30 to 80 UAH per square meter, the price is the sum of the condition of carpet, pollution, stains and area.

We will carry out all the procedures listed above using a professional approach. After our visit, you will receive a new fragrant carpet!

Dry cleaning of mattresses from 150 UAH

Daily operation, occasional stains from spilled food, spilled drinks, “baby surprises” – all these factors quickly bring the mattress to an untidy look and make it unhygienic to use. Dirty, dampened upholstery is the best place for the formation of colonies of harmful microorganisms, which are the source of an unpleasant smell and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore such troubles, turning the mattress face down to hide stains – an urgent need for dry cleaning of mattresses!

Washing a latex or cloth mattress with detergents alone is not enough to completely eliminate contaminants – it’s better to turn to professionals who quickly select the necessary equipment and products for reliable processing and disinfection of mattresses from any material. We are glad to present you this opportunity – at a reasonable price we will carry out a quick dry cleaning at home using professional equipment and facilities that are harmless to health.

What is included in our services:

  • cleaning the surface of the mattress from stains with an extractor vacuum cleaner;
  • getting rid of unpleasant smells of dampness, decay and urine;
  • update the appearance of a worn product;
  • if the spots are ingrained and old, then we resort to the help of strong stain removers, acting in such a way that the solution does not damage the material;
  • final rinsing and drying of the mattress (occurs naturally in 4 hours);

We do all the work with safe products that will not harm the product, your skin or the airways. The cleanliness your mattress will shine after our cleaning will impress you for a long time. Order the service of dry cleaning of mattresses at home in our company at the lowest prices!

From 30 UAH