Cleaning of offices and commercial facilities

Office and commercial cleaning.

Office cleaning services, commercial premises ordered by our cleaning company, will allow you to:

  • reduce the cost of maintaining a permanent staff of staff engaged in this work;
  • many times increase the level of cleanliness in the rooms (after all, the complex of activities carried out by trained specialists is much higher in quality);
  • to minimize the likelihood of dust and dirt accumulating in the workplace, as wet cleaning will be carried out strictly on schedule (attracting our clinics, you will not have to think about finding replacement personnel at the time of vacations, sick leave and time off staff) .

In addition, along with affordable prices for cleaning offices and commercial premises on an ongoing basis, we offer additional discounts on regular comprehensive services. By entering into a cooperation agreement with our company, you can immediately specify the most convenient schedule for cleaning work: in the morning or evening, twice a day (with a high object’s traffic).

Along with ongoing maintenance, our cleaning company offers loyal prices for professional cleaning of offices, commercial facilities after repairs, construction, renovation or seasonally (general wet cleaning). In the process of implementing such orders, our specialists carry out the removal of construction dust, washing door blocks, windows, and lighting devices. The attention of our experienced wipers will not escape the hard-to-reach places where the largest amount of dust accumulates (behind cabinets, bollards, in radiators, etc.). Therefore, deciding to order a general cleaning of the office, commercial premises from us, you will get crystal clear and healthy microclimate at workplaces.

Contact our company to arrange office cleaning. We will be happy to help you and become partners for many years.


  • Remove dust from electrical outlets and switches
  • Remove dust from air conditioners
  • Dust removal from eaves
  • Dust removal from the mezzanine
  • Remove dust from door blocks


  • washing frames, slopes, window sills
  • preparation and cleaning of coarse dirt
  • washing glass
  • glass drying
  • cleaning the heating pipes and batteries

Furniture and office equipment

  • Remove dust from the exterior of furniture
  • Wet cleaning the outside of the furniture
  • Wet and dry cleaning org. technology
  • Wet cleaning of the internal surfaces of the furniture (with no filling)


  • Wet and dry cleaning of lighting fixtures (except small-sized chandeliers and compositions)

Cleaning the kitchen

  • Wash one filled to the sink level
  • Cleaning the exterior of furniture
  • Cleaning the outer surface of the plate
  • Wipe the outside of the microwave
  • Exterior cleaning furniture from heavy pollution
  • Remove debris from the hood
  • External and internal cleaning of the oven
  • External and internal microwave cleaning
  • Plate cleaning
  • External and internal (in the absence of filling) cleaning of furniture from heavy pollution
  • External and internal cleaning of the refrigerator (without defrosting)

Room and corridor cleaning

  • Remove dust and dirt from floors and baseboards
  • Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Wipe mirror surfaces
  • Garbage removal (up to 10 kg)

Bathroom and toilet cleaning

  • Wet wiping furniture
  • Wash baths, showers
  • Toilet wash, bidet
  • Washing sinks, mixers
  • Wet cleaning the washing machine
  • Wet cleaning the walls around the perimeter
  • Rubbing furniture inside and out (without filling)

from 250 UAH